The curriculum offer for our Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) pupils at Blackfriars is an exciting, enriching variety of opportunities and experiences that allows the development of pupils communication skills, engagement and participation whilst meeting their holistic needs. A pupils EHCP targets help to build that holistic view of a pupils needs and these are embedded in everything that we do and tracked. All pupils are assessed using Routes for Learning, each pupil follows an individual route map with skills being recorded using the Evidence for Learning app where photos and video evidence of progression can be linked to their targets. When pupils reach KS4 they follow and complete several Personal Progress Units which are accredited by the ASDAN awarding body.

Cognition and learning needs are met through firstly knowing and understanding the level the pupil is at and then offering lessons that have structure, routine and are interactive throughout. Lessons are often through a stage-appropriate theme approach and the groups create environments within the classroom that immerse the pupils in that learning experience.  The lessons are multi-sensory and interactive and devised to stimulate the senses and prompt responses. Resources and stories that motivate the pupils and fit with the stage that they are at are used. Lessons are planned with the pupils target and next step in mind so that there is a clear focus and element of challenge.

Communication and Interaction skills underpin everything that the teachers do – every lesson or activity is an opportunity to be developing the pupils communication ‘skills. Getting them to greet, request, comment, choose and control activities is very empowering and develops their desire to communicate and be engaged and part of the lesson. We offer an enrichment carousel  of activities where the pupils have the opportunity to mix with pupils and staff not in their class to develop further their communication and interaction skills. Our pupils are part of the House system in school and have many opportunities in assemblies and team game days to mix with friends from across the different groups within school. Class 3 runs a café where all classes come, mix and socialise with their friends.  This helps to further develop their skills of greeting and interacting and seeing those skills modelled by others.

Social, emotional and mental health needs are met in a variety of ways. Pupils have the opportunity to mix socially in school with other classes, out on the yard, with out-side visitors and by having the opportunity to be visiting their local community, library and cafes. Through breakfast club and the time given to breaks and mealtimes key independence, choice making and social skills are developed. All our pupils are very different and for those who have high levels of anxiety bespoke plans and opportunities are provided to reduce these anxieties and give them strategies to cope and communicate more appropriately.  The pupils are exposed to massage, calming music, sensory rooms, outdoor space and are supported through emotional difficulties at their own pace.  We work closely with parents, CAMHS, medical professionals and our own Clinical psychologist Juliet Shand.

Sensory and physical needs are so important for many children. Many pupils have sensory processing disorders and need a bespoke programme often with advice from an Occupational Therapist. We have a Sensory diet programme that runs first thing in a morning for pupils for whom it is appropriate to help them regulate their sensory needs and emotions ready for the day.  We work closely with the Multi-Sensory Impairment team, the Hearing Impairment team and Visual Impairment team to make sure pupil’s needs are met appropriately. The physical management of our pupils is crucial to maintaining and extending their skills and to their comfort and engagement levels.  Classroom teams work closely with the Physiotherapists and MOVE team in school to make sure that pupils are accessing the appropriate equipment/seating/walking opportunities and have frequent change of position during the day.  The enrichment carousel runs every week to allow pupils to access appropriate physical activities dependent on their level of need and the pupils are grouped appropriately.  All pupils access the hydro pool for swimming and movement in the water.  For pupils for whom it is appropriate there is Rebound Therapy on the trampoline, massage, sensory yoga, trikes and resonance board work.

Rolling program

Class 1


All about me

The body

Around the world
USA, France, Germany, Australia, Africa etc...

What the ladybird heard

Farm animals


All about me

The family

Witches and wizards

Winter wonder land

Spring time

Dear zoo

Zoo animals

Class 2      

Magic carpet ride


Magic carpet ride

North and south pole

Magic carpet ride


2 China Alice in wonderland Summer holiday
Class 3      

Marvelous me

Pots and oatcakes

In the jungle

2 Circus Outer space Under the sea