What is the subject about?

Learning PSHE and citizenship helps pupils develop as individuals in a wider society. Pupils learn to understand themselves physically, emotionally, socially and sexually and to understand their relationships with others.

PSHE, Citizenship and Careers Education offer’s all pupils’ opportunities to:

  • Make choices and decisions
  • Develop personal autonomy by having a degree of responsibility and/or control over their lives
  • Be aware of self and his/her role in society.
  • Citizenship and Respect for the Environment
  • Independent Living and Career Education
  • Healthy Living and Drugs Education
  • Relationships and Sex Education

Support at home would be helpful: 

  • Read the newspapers or to watch the news.
  • Discus the topics covered in the lessons each week.
  • To complete homework. 

Programme of study at Key Stage 4

Citizenship and respect for the environment

  • Take part in discussion - topical, important to individual 
  • Use behaviour appropriate to setting
  • Take responsibility for self and others
  • Explore and develop own role in community
  • Take an active role concerning environmental issues
  • Awareness of societies rules
  • Make decisions about group rules and activities
  • Circle time skills
  • Independent Living (inc. self awareness/esteem) and Careers Ed

Self awareness, self esteem and self expression

  • Self advocacy
  • Increase independence and assertiveness in various settings
  • Individual development in dressing skills, toileting skills and feeding
  • Following instructions and taking initiative
  • Making meals and hot drinks with increased independence
  • Develop shopping skills and the use of money
  • Banking and budgeting
  • Develop high self esteem and positive self image
  • Be aware of own needs, interests, values and attitudes
  • Discuss which subjects and skills you are good at
  • Assess capabilities realistically
  • Understand the terms "career" and "transition planning"
  • Explain careers ideas clearly to those who can help
  • Show initiative, enterprise, self advocacy, negotiation skills, enjoy new challenges, willingness to change and time management skills
  • Explore career options and use appropriate careers info
  • use appropriate decision making strategies 
  • Plan for transitions and identify action needed to achieve goals
  • Application, interview, rights and responsibility
  • Internal Work Experience

Healthy Living and Drugs Ed

  • Empathic handling and correct positioning
  • Implementation of therapeutic intervention
  • Effects of and attitudes to alcohol, drugs and tobacco on the body and behaviour
  • Legality
  • Sport, leisure and exercise
  • Promotion of healthy eating
  • Daily hygiene routines
  • Use and abuse of medicines
  • School rules relating to medicines, drugs, alcohol and ‘
  • Safety and danger relating to syringes
  • Express concerns and find appropriate help
  • Choices, decisions, consequences and opinions
  • Saying "no"

Relationships and Sex Ed

  • Safety
  • Hygiene - pride in appearance, menstruation, S.T.I
  • Appropriate behaviour
  • Relationships - family & friends, sexual, formal
  • Where to go for help/advice
  • Human reproduction
  • Privacy, individual choices and feelings
  • Masturbation
  • Contraception
  • Child birth and child development
  • aware of the right thing to do
  • Celebrate and develop self as member of society