Spode - Home Learning

Hello everybody!

Hope everyone is well.

As advised in my recent emails, we are now sharing regular updates on teams with either videos or written updates suggesting a ‘daily challenge’ that you can opt whether to take part in or not, these will be a wide range of things and not subject specific. Instead my goal is for them to be a fun experience that may just spark some home learning! I cannot stress enough that there is absolutely no pressure of judgement on whether you choose to partake. It is not something I am expecting you to do daily but I’m hoping to just give a little more guidance to those who feel they need or want it! So if you would like to take part of even just have a look at things I’m sending out you will need to be set up on teams. I have previously sent out guidance on this, if you would like this info again just let me know.

Looking forward to sharing what we get up to, see you there!

All the best, Eloise

If you would like any help, support and guidance or any other activity ideas I will be available via emails: