Sensory & physical

Many pupils have the area of Sensory and Physical Need on their EHCP. Across all the Pathways Sensory needs are considered whether this be adaptations to the classroom area for those who don’t like too much noise, to sensory programmes in place for pupils who need to have their sensory processing skills developing or need opportunities for self-regulation through sensory diets. Opportunities are provided for the development of fine and gross motor skills and appropriate supportive equipment provided for those that need it.

Physical needs are met by the Physio therapy team over seeing and working closely with the Teaching Assistants who carry out any physical management needs of the pupils.  Blackfriars has staff with a wide range of knowledge and experience from Teachers with Conductive Education backgrounds and staff who were part of the Local Authority’s Physically Disabled Support Service (PDSS) who for many years went out to mainstream schools to advise on inclusion and physical needs from fine motor to gross motor skills, positioning, seating and specialist equipment.  Blackfriars PE teacher was part of this team and works close with the physio team in including and meeting physical management needs in the sessions.

There is close working with the Multi-Sensory Impairment, Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment team, who are in weekly, to make sure pupil’s needs are met appropriately.