Mental Health Project

Our commitment to supporting students with mental health issues resulted in a year-long research project undertaken by all staff to develop their own understanding of how to identify mental health issues and support students with them. Throughout this project, we were supported by Dr Juliet Shand (our Clinical Psychologist)

As a direct result of this project, we now have:

Groups of staff who have specialised in different mental health conditions who have a range of strategies that they share with the whole staff on a regular basis.

A relaxation club at lunch-time for those students who need to ‘chill’ at lunch-time and struggle with social interaction in free times.

An on-line resource for parents and students to provide non-technical laymen’s information about different mental health conditions with suggestions for further support (under development)

In the past, we have worked with other organisations who offer support and strategies for students with mental health needs. The charity Dove has provided sessions on self-esteem and supported individual students with bereavement issues. They also supported us as a wider community when we lost a child; a Psychology student from Keele University delivered a PSHE Unit on ‘Mindfulness’ for Year 10 and 11 students, plus the Nordoff Robbins charity provided a trainee music therapist to work with students who were experiencing different issues. We are always open to and actively search out collaborations with other organisations if we feel that their involvement will enhance the lives of all in our community.