SEND Courses



Blackfriars Academy work very closely with Shaw Education Trust's Institute of Education to develop and deliver a range of SEND courses for colleagues.

If you are interested in any of the courses below, please visit the IoE website for information about course dates and booking. Click Here to visit now.


The role of the SENCO

This is a course designed for SENCOs who are new to the role and SENCOs who want to refresh their practice. Looking forward to the new Code of Practice, most recent research and strategies to understand how this will impact delivery. This is a course that provides space for reflection, opportunities for re-evaluation and examination of practical approach to ensure SEND students are well-supported in schools. 


Complex special education needs

A half-day programme that provides a space for practitioners working with our most pedagogically vulnerable students to reflect and re-evaluate their practice. Topics covered will include the Engagement Profile, Capturing Progression, Evidence for Learning and Principles and Practice of Intensive Interaction.


Inclusion - Insight and strategies for classroom practice

By teaching to the need of SEND pupils we teach to the needs of all, lets create a truly inclusive classroom. This course provides an insight into how this can be achieved through both theoretical and practical approaches.


Encouraging student independence

How can we encourage SEND students to become more independent? This one day course helps teaching assistants to re-evaluate their role in the classroom. Looking at the theory and practice of every day classrooms, we will look at how you can encourage your students to self – scaffold, at how strategies such as prompting, clueing, modelling and correcting can help SEND students to become more independent and make greater progress.


Identifying SEND in the classroom

Our understanding of SEND in the classroom is constantly evolving. Identification of pupils with special needs leads to quality teaching and successful inclusion for all. This three hour course gives an insight into the challenges pupils experience and effective teaching strategies to use to ensure inclusive practice.


Autistic Spectrum Condition - Insight and strategies for classroom practice

Autism is a spectrum, and our understanding of this is developing all the time. This two hour course focuses on insights and strategies for managing Autistic Spectrum Condition within the classroom.


Dyslexia and Dyspraxia – Insight and strategies for classroom practice

This training will be based around practical strategies that can be used to support and enhance the learning of students with these particular challenges. Facilitators will also explore ways in which these practical interventions present to promote learning for the whole class. Colleagues will also be encouraged to share their experience and best practice from their settings. This training is appropriate for Teachers, HLTAs and Teaching Assistants


Improving Behaviour: Classroom strategies for learners with SEND

This 1 day course will support colleagues who are struggling with the low level behaviours of students with SEND. The course will approach the issues through the lens of why the behaviours may be happening, how staff can use different strategies to prevent them occurring and approaches to use if they do happen. This one day training event will enable practitioners to explore strategies to improve student behaviour, by creating conditions that encourage positive behaviour and good quality learning. This training is suitable for Teachers and Teaching Assistants.


Effective and efficient deployment of Teaching Assistants

This is a course designed for SENCOs and leaders who are responsible for the deployment of Teaching Assistants in their school. It looks at the most recent research findings and at strategies to ensure that schools’ very scarce resources are used as effectively as possible. A course that provides space for reflection on current practice, opportunities for re-evaluation of use of resources and examination of practical approaches to ensure SEND students are well-supported in schools with fewer resources.


Addressing Communication needs for students in mainstream classrooms (socially appropriate communication + talk to support learning)

These half day courses will support educational professionals teaching students in mainstream schools who struggle to communicate effectively. We will look at the theory underpinning why and build on this to look at practical strategies that can be used in the classroom in both formal learning situations and non-formal scenarios.