Sep 9, 2019

New Carers Forum

FROM: Andy Marriott 


Since starting my new role as Lead Commissioner for All Age Disabilities and Mental Health, I have been struck by how passionate people involved in the care of those with learning disabilities and/or autism are. I have met many carers, all of whom are committed to ensuring the needs of their loved ones are met, and that their views are heard.

A local parent, David Denison, is taking this one step further. He wants to establish a Carer Forum, where carers can express their views on a variety of topics related to living with a learning disability and/or autism in Staffordshire.

I think it’s really important that my team and I listen to the views of local parents and carers, so this forum is the perfect way for people to get their views heard. It’s also important that this forum is independent of the council, so we have no influence over who sits on it.

We are hoping to engage carers of an adult or child aged 14 or over, with a learning disability and/or autism who would like to contribute to the discussion. We want to reach as many carers as possible, so I would be grateful if you could share this letter with your parent carers and see if they can spare some time to be a part of this. If so, they can get in touch with David Denison at or via telephone on 07876 508 330. I know he would love to hear from them.

Added to this, my team will be looking to establish a Citizen Forum, where people with learning disabilities and/or autism are also able to give their views to the county council. More details will be available on this soon.

Many Thanks,

Andy Marriott
Lead Commissioner
All Age Disability & Mental Health (Staffordshire County Council)