Apr 17, 2020

Blackout by Kor

I started my music career on the 21st of February 2015. I started learning how to play the piano in primary school (St. Mary's Catholic Primary School & Nursery). I wasn’t fond of the piano, but I still learnt how to play it. Eventually I went to high school (St Thomas More Catholic School, Crewe) and I left my music behind and I thought about what I should do next. Everything was difficult and it was stressful. Because I had learnt how to play the piano, I went to a music class. They were teaching me how to play the piano, I didn't know how to play anymore, so they kicked me out of the music class because they thought I wasn’t interested in it. So, let's go to 2016 when I first joined Blackfriars. It’s a small school but it is a very lovely place. One of the first subjects I did was music with Mrs. Jones, but she left. A few weeks later, I thought to myself I want to do music. Music is another way to release your stress and anger. It's like writing a story but in musical notes. When I met Mrs. Owen, she helped me with my music by helping me set up school concerts and playing guitar with her in performing arts. But then she left as well. But that’s how my journey of music started. 

I want to study music in Cheshire College south & west because that’s what I like to do educationally and in my spare time.  I hope I do well there in the next academic year.  


So how was “Blackout” made? 

James Phillips and I were having a guitar lesson and I told him I wanted to make a song. I showed him what I created and asked for advice. He corrected me, showed me how to play them in a more sophisticated way. Eventually I was learning how to play it and it was difficult, but I still got there. We were choosing what will be done next and worked hard together. James did half of the song and I did half. That’s how I knew my song would work. I started the song in January. The song’s name came as an idea after the whole coronavirus came because I knew we must all be in lockdown. So, the name Blackout is because I am in locked up in my house in the dark, I don’t have the right to go outside and everything is a mess right now.  There is more to come….” Well done Kor, we look forward to hearing more of your music in future – hopefully live in the school hall.

 Listen to BLACKOUT here