Jan 15, 2018

Bag Packing at Morrisons


On Saturday 13th January, members of the Duke of Edinburgh group were joined by Mrs Fallows, Mrs Emmens and other staff to volunteer in the community and raise school funds by bag packing in Morrisons. In just three hours, we managed to raise £397.22 which will go towards our fund for new playground equipment. We cannot begin this project until we have had our new fire safety measures building work completed. This should be in the summer. By then, we will have a very healthy pot of money put aside to choose different play equipment.

Before then, Miss  Blackshaw is developing a series of play zones which will ensure that students have the opportunity to experience different play activities. There will be a physical zone where students have the space to run, kick balls etc. without the fear of injuring our more vulnerable students; there is a quiet zone in a classroom which has space for reading and colouring in, but also a play corner with toys. There is a structured play zone where students can choose for themselves what games they would like to play, with the support of the lunch-time supervisors.

We are looking for a / several parent volunteers who can help us to erect some basic equipment in the playground - we want to erect a drain pipe Marble run etc etc. If you are practical and have some spare time, please do ring school -we would be delighted to hear from you.