O'Cliff - Home Learning

Outlined below are some ideas for things that you might like to do with your child at home: 


Fine motor skills activities, playdough, pincer grip activities.

Seek and find activities, hide objects in rice, show picture of objects ask him/her to locate.

Choosing from two/three items. using photos or real objects to gain reward, cause and effect, if I do this, I get that.

Make patterns in shaving foam.

Hand and foot print paintings 

Build towers with blocks for them to knock down, counting blocks as you build.

Listen to you reading stories, using props to make them real and exciting.

Craft activities linked to Spring.                                                    

Propreoception activities; moving forwards, backwards, fast and slow giving choices for them to show preference

Massage, whilst naming body parts, hands, feet, arms.

Musical patterns, tapping sounds, let them initiate and copy  

Gross motor skills activities, using scarf/ sheet to waft up high, shake it fast or slow, hide and seek games, choice making.

Opposite activities, hot and cold, wet and dry, light and dark