Rebound Therapy

Rebound therapy at Blackfriars Academy

In the PMLD department for pupils for whom is it medically safe, Rebound Therapy takes place on a physical management rota. Rebound Therapy is the therapeutic use of a Trampoline to promote and develop motor skills, body awareness, balance, co-ordination and communication. Rebound Therapy should be seen as an integrated part of your child’s movement programme. Rebound Therapy has a unique effect on the body organs, systems and muscles.

The sessions will involve your child being on the trampoline and a qualified member of staff applying a gentle rocking or bouncing of the trampoline. This movement will improve health and fitness and greater independence, whilst fun enjoyment and the opportunity to succeed are of paramount importance.

During Rebound Therapy the cardio-respiratory system works harder so heart rate and respiratory rate increase. Muscle tone can be increased and decreased by activating the muscle spindles and stimulating the sensory system.