Caitlyn’s Blog – February 2024
Lights, camera, action! The spotlight shines on Caitlyn as she takes center stage, captivating audiences with her inspiring journey. Recently, she graced both the One Show on BBC and ITV News, sharing her passion for frame running and spreading awareness like wildfire. Now, join us as Caitlyn takes us behind the scenes and shares her exhilarating experience firsthand. Caitlyn tells us about her experience below:

Caitlyn tells us about her expereinece:

How it came to be?

Tulley had an email from the ‘One Show’, and they asked if she would be able to do a video about frame-running (Tulley is promoting the sport to include it in the paralympics for 2028). They asked if she could get someone to do the video along side her so she asked me. They had emailed the questions previously, so we knew what was going to be asked.


How was I feeling?

I, was, super, excited and felt privaleged to be included. We arrived at the venue, which was Sutton Park, and they were setting up the cameras. We unloaded the frames out of the van; we had to re-build them. Tulley then completed her interview.


What happened?

After the interview we got on our frames and they started to video us, while we were running – it was funny because, it had snowed, and we couldn’t get our grip. Luckily, One part of the track had been melted by the sun. The part where I was being interviewed with Tulley was filmed.

They used a drone to film the overhead shots as well as being asked how both myself and Tulley had met; Tulley commented that I was her first “guniea pig”. I was the first person that she had trained for this sport.


They day arrived when it was being shown and I had told all my family and friends as well as the whole school, but 5 minutes before it was about to air it was cancelled. I was, extremely, fustrated and sad because I knew it could have promoted sports for people with disabilities. Also it would show that anybody can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Tulley’s campaign to have frame running included in the Paralympics 2028 is a significant endeavor, as it could provide more opportunities for athletes and promote inclusivity in sports. It’s essential to advocate for the inclusion of various adaptive sports to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate and showcase their talents on a global platform like the Paralympic Games.

Caitlyn has also been involved in promoting frame running through ITV News, which can be seen here