Caitlyn’s Blog – September 2022

In September 2022 on returning to school all students have 1;1 meetings with their form tutors to discuss their Preparation for Adulthood plan. In Caitlyn’s discussion she said ‘I want to become a Paralympic Frame runner’ WOW!!!

We immediately contacted Claire to see how we could try and facilitate this ambition of Cait’s!

Hi Claire, I hope you are well.

Each year form tutors sit with their students and discuss their Preparation for Adulthood, their targets, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

We just wanted to let you know, Mrs Jill Rawlinson, one of our form tutors has sat with Caitlyn today, Caitlyn is our speedy frame runner from your visit, if you can recall her, Caitlyn has today said that she wants to be a Paralympic frame runner and wished that it was stated in her plan.

Wow, after one session this is the mark it has made on her.

We really need to explore what help we can give her now to work towards her ambition and allow her the very best chance of going for it.

Please, when you can, get in touch to see what avenues we can explore to support Caitlyn

Kind regards