Exploratory Pathway

Wide range of subjects

What does our exploratory pathway look like?

The Exploratory Pathway sits centrally between the immersive and questioning pathways. The curriculum on offer to students consists of a wide range of subjects and therapeutic based sessions tailored to suit the needs of individual students and the classes they sit within. The Exploratory curriculum offer students opportunities to develop early literacy and numeracy skills, social and communication development and building confidence when accessing the wider community. Where appropriate we also offer students access to range of external accreditations.

We not only focus in on EHCP targets, we also work with families to create key objectives which concentrate on our student’s preparation for adulthood, looking forward to their next stage of life following on from Blackfriars.

The exploratory pathway also supports students with their transition between primary to secondary setting by offering a nurturing environment where class teachers deliver the majority of foundation subjects. For some students this is a precursor to them moving into a different pathway.

For more details about therapies etc, please refer to the SEND information report.

Curriculum Plans

*Bridgewater Curriculum Plan to Follow 

Pathway Handbook