Jun 28, 2019

Student Voice


Our trip to Walton Hall

On 27/06/2019 (Yesterday at the time of writing this), me and Harry went to Walton Hall for a fun trip. We had to represent our school or something, but I wasn’t really too bothered about that. When we first got there, we had to listen to someone from Shaw Trust talk about the organisation as a whole, then we went outside to do some activities. First, we did bush craft, except it wasn’t really bush craft, more like sitting next to a fire and having s’mores. We also did a bit of archery to fill the time before getting on the Quad Bikes. Riding them was very enjoyable, especially when I lost control and fell off. Yes, that happened. I got up again soon after, and went back on. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall off again after that. Then, we had Lunch, watched a few videos made by their respective schools, then arrived back at Blackfriars at about 2:45. In short: fun trip, but I fell over.

By Kane


The experience at Walton Hall was amazing! The other students looked like they were having the best time! The things we did were quad biking, archery and s’mores, and boy were they tasty! The food they served was amazing, and it was delicious, especially the pizza.

The quad bikes were the best because of the speed that they could go to, and the speed I went to was incredible! I even shouted to one of the students from this school, “I’m going to steal your precious Mario Kart trophy!” but the quad bikes were probably the best part of it all! And at the end of the day, we all learnt different things about the different schools, and how those schools did lessons in a few different ways.

But all in all, Walton Hall was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again.

By Harry