Post 16
Welcome to post-16 at Blackfriars Academy. We are a small, very bespoke provision that is deeply committed to supporting our learners into adulthood, by focussing on individualised Preparation for Adulthood outcomes.

There are lots of opportunities for our Post 16 learners to get out and about in the community and to undertake Community Projects such as our café, our Online shop and Bring and Buy Sales that they run.

​Our Post 16 learners will continue to benefit from the great physical provision of our hydro pool and rebound. For those with particular support needs that require intensive therapeutic support, they will be able to access physio, speech and language, VI and HI support, Music therapy, Clinical Psychology support and sensory regulation activities.

We believe passionately in recognising the achievements and progress our learners have made in their school journey so far, and extending these further as they move into adulthood. We offer a broad balance of learning opportunities, which can culminate in an ASDAN Personal and Social Development qualification but most importantly, in the awarding of the Blackfriars Baccalaureate at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

The Blackfriars Baccalaureate:

Level of Award:-
Cognitive achievements
Working towards meeting targets
Working towards embodying PRIDE
All targets met
PRIDE is evident in behaviours around school
All targets met and 1 or more exceeded
Fully embodies the spirit of PRIDE


We are a JCQ registered centre which means that we are able to be flexible in the qualifications we engage with and try to tailor our offer according to the needs of all our young people. If students have not already taken and achieved Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT and this is appropriate for them, they can undertake these qualifications as well as ASDAN Personal and Social Development. All of the units that are taught are vocational and help our students to achieve their EHCP and Preparation for Adulthood targets.

The Post 16 curriculum is a continuation from Key Stage 3 and 4 in preparing our students for their future. It meets the individual needs of the students, whilst at the same time being caring, physically stretching, interesting, stimulating and motivating. For our ‘Exploratory’ students, their vocational lessons include ASDAN (which incorporates vocational literacy and numeracy), Employability and Preparation for Adulthood, swimming, PE, Healthy Living and community participation. For students in the Immersive Pathway, they continue to follow a much more multi-sensory and communication based curriculum alongside their stage related peers in Key Stage Three and Four.

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