Questioning Pathway

What does our questioning pathway look like?

Our questioning pathway leads our students on a journey of self-discovery. Based on foundations of inclusiveness and self-awareness, students grow in confidence through developing an enquiring and questioning mind, as well as an understanding of self.

Wide range of subjects

Through our personalised tailored curriculum, students study a wide range of subjects leading to internal and external qualifications. Alongside this, they develop resilience, coping strategies, and the courage to equip them for life beyond school.

Our school provides a caring and safe environment, to empower and enable all students. Specialist and dedicated staff meet the needs of the individual, with a holistic approach to ensure every young student achieves their full potential.

Your child will be taught by a team led by qualified teachers who are subject specialists as well as experts in teaching students with SEND. This team approach ensures that pupils receive a bespoke education and learning experience personalised to their needs. Assessment is ongoing throughout their journey on the questioning pathway, providing a direction for learning that is relevant to the individuals’ needs.

Come and discuss your Childs’ needs and find out more about our Questioning Pathway, a pathway underpinned by 23 years of ‘outstanding’ teaching as rated by OFSTED.

Curriculum Plans

Pathway Handbook