School Houses


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How do you get House Points?

There are lots of ways to get house points, but here are a few ways to earn them:

Working extra hard

You get House Points by trying your best in class, even if it’s tough for you. Show a positive attitude, give it a good try, and your efforts will likely be noticed and rewarded.

Being kind

You can earn House Points by being kind to others! When you show respect and consideration, it usually gets recognized. Examples include helping a classmate, inviting others to join your games during playtime, assisting a staff member, and being a good role model.

Taking part

Getting involved in both class and free-time activities is noticed, especially when stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. By actively participating and taking on responsibilities, you’ll have more opportunities to earn House Points.

What do the winning team get?

What do you get for winning? Good question!

Own clothes day and afternoon tea!