A crucial part of the reading journey is phonics.

Step Into Phonics

When we are working with our emergent readers who are stepping into the Twinkl Phonics Programme we look at ways to engage and motivate our students. We use their interests to spark this as part of their learning journey (stage appropriate rather than age appropriate – whatever works with your child, we will use it!).

This is one student’s story







We find out what the student enjoys as the gateway into their learning. This song has really stimulated and inspired the student to engage in his learning.

Topic based Twinkl Phonics songs are used to aid learning and development.

Here the student is using a pretend snake to form the letter ‘s’.

A sensory way to understand a letter is to make it in flour, glitter or sand. This visual aid helps the child to remember how to form a letter when it comes to writing it.

During the Twinkl Phonics power point we use actions that help to remember the letter.

Tracing the letter on the screen helps when the student is writing the letter.

Further information can be found on our reading curriculum.