The king and I
Like the whole country I was upset when I heard the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death. However, if someone had told me that day that I would been going on a trip to London to see the Queen Lying in state, I would have told you you were crazy. But I hadn’t considered my Aunt, Shell, and her wild ideas. Everyone should have an Aunt Shell in their life.

Thursday 15/9/22 I was sat at home, playing on my computer and the phone rang, it was was my Aunt Shell phoning me and suggested that we got on the 5:40 train on the Saturday (17/9/22) two hours later we arrived in London after having breakfast on the train. We made our way to Trafalgar Square in a black Cab because we kept getting lost trying to walk there. Reaching Trafalgar Square we joined the queue. Two hours later we entered Westminster Hall. As I am wheelchair user it meant we could join the disabled queue which was not as long!

In the hall the atmosphere was calm and moving. I was mind blown by its impact on me. We moved slowly forwards to pay our respects to the late Queen. Suddenly we see the new king, King Charles walking towards us. I couldn’t believe it.

King Charles stopped in front of us and held his hand out to me. Feeling nervous and wondering if it was all a dream. I shook his hand. My heart was pounding so fast I wondered could the king hear it. The firm handshake made me realise this was no dream. He said “ thank you for coming “ and shook Shell’s hand too.

We have no photographs of this as we couldn’t use our mobiles in Westminster Hall. However, I will always remember this day and carry the image of my handshake with the King in my minds eye for the rest of my life.